Articles: Sideline Intel

As the Suns Staff Writer for Sideline Intel, I produce well-thought-out and researched Suns and NBA content, which can all be found on my author page, which you can find here.

If I had to pick some favorites, these would be the articles I’m most proud of.

Shaquille Harrison and the Mayor of the 10-Day Contract:
Shaq Harrison was unheard of in NBA circles until his 10-day contract with the Suns. Eventually receiving a second 10-day and then being signed for the rest of the season, this article looks at how 10-Day contracts have helped guys like Harrison make an impact on the league.

The Curious Case of Brandon Knight:
Brandon Knight has gone relatively unmentioned as the Suns point guard circus went on this season. What would be the smartest move for the Suns this offseason? I analyzed some options.

Alan Williams: The Phoenix Son
Alan Williams eats, sleeps, and breathes Phoenix. For a Phoenix native myself, a story like his makes for great inspiration. I took a look at Alan as he made his return to the court for Phoenix this season.

Paul Goldschmidt is Finally Good Again, and That’s Good

I decided to take a step into baseball, where I wrote about the hometown Arizona Diamondbacks, and their (former) first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt.


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